Chabad of Downtown Los Angeles Review


I have never been thrown out of a synagogue in my life and this was the Very First (1st) Time that this has ever happened to me! I went to the synagogue today being Friday, May 11, 2018 and arrived at approximately 7:08 p.m. and sat down and the Rabbi briefly introduced himself to me without giving me his name even though I eventually found it online who was Rabbi Moshe Greenwald according to the website. He then asked me what my name was and as soon as I told him my name, he then said to grab my bag and He Aggressively Forced Me Out Of The Synagogue (As If I Was A Criminal In Which I Am Not And Never Was) and will not tell me Why? When We Got Downstairs, This Mentally Disturbed Rabbi Moshe Greenwald Told The Security Guard Not To Ever Let Me Back To His Synagogue! Ridiculous! The only thing that he said is that when Rabbi Dov Wagner from the USC Chabad Synagogue says it’s okay for me to come back to his Synagogue (which is at a Totally Different Location), then he will let me come back to his Downtown Los Angeles Chabad Synagogue, but the Reality is that I was Never 86’d, nor Blacklisted from the Usc Chabad Synagogue, nor was I ever told Not to come back to that Chabad Synagogue, nor any Synagogue Worldwide for all that matters. I have absolutely No Reason To Lie About It! I’ve only been to that Usc Chabad Synagogue once or twice and Never had a problem with them! I think there must have been some Confusion or a Mix-Up and that is a Real Shame! It is also a Real Shame and Embarrassment that a Jew who has No Criminal Record who also has Never Been To Jail who is Very Active and Positive On Social Media would get Mistreated and Abused in the Manner that I had back on Friday, May 11, 2018. Final Thoughts: I only write the Truth and nothing but the Truth. So Help Me God! Thou Shalt Be Judged On Judgment Day! Amen! Thank you. Shabbat Shalom! Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Chabbad Attendee For Many Years Executive, Volunteer Writer And Promoter For Google And Tripadvisor Websites /HPS PS: This Was The Best Shabbat Experience I Ever Had In My Life! Every Jew Should Have To Go Through This Like I Did!

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