Chad Williamson Foster – The Colony, Texas Men


In May my wife met Chad. He moved in as a roommate with my brother in law. In July he apologized for hitting on my wife in an attempt to befriend me to get closer to her. Despite months of her telling him to back off and that she was married he kept pushing. He made her think that I didn’t love her whole complimenting her beyond reality. Finally in September after him calling daily and meeting her to kiss at Home Depot many times he had sex with my wife. Read about it at And you will learn that he has done the exact same thing may times before. His fat whore momma helps him score with married women. He sleeps with all kids of married women, black and white… doesn’t care just so long as he gets his quick nut. Avoid this guy like the plague. He works in the oil field as a grunt because he really is stupid as anyone you will ever get to know, just lock up your little girls, he is a predator.

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