CHAD YOUNG, California


CHAD YOUNG IS THE BIGGEST FAKE LIAR DEADBEAT DAD. I was with him for 3 years he and I spent everyday together I thought he was my best friend I didn’t see the fuckery I was in until the end .. He was constantly talking to girls and would disappear for a few days then return I hadn’t heard from him I kept asking him and he would tell me I’m crazy I’m making him do this or that and he always had a excuse for everything, I would accuse and yes I was insecure and eventually started thinking I was crazy he lied and even when I would undoubtedly catch him he would either get so mad I would end up appolozing and I would give him anything he wanted I’f he said I like this I would get him two of them, I was always doing and trying to please him and eventually I lost all my friends because they could see the chaos that I couldnt see I was in love.. I got pregnant and he was mad blamed me told me it was my fault my responsibility that I should have tied my tubes, as I got bigger he he told me I was to fat that he didn’t know how to manuver that anymore that’s y he wouldn’t touch me and was so distant I couldn’t go inside his house my pregnancy a secret from his mom and dad (he’s 30 btw) so I has to stay in the car I wasn’t allowed in and he would go in leave me outside for days I even had to pee outside I began to get suspicious of him I kept accusing him of having someone inside and once again I was crazy I’m pushing him away I’m a wack job well as months went on I was 8 months pregnant and I seen on his phone a number I called it and she told me she was living in his house with him didn’t know I was pregnant he told her we broke up a year ago yea my world came crashing down a week before we were picking out baby names he was looking for a house to buy then the truth came out and he was mad at me for calling her and telling her he cut me off hated me, a few weeks later he calls crying saying he wanted his family back was sorry blah blah and was gonna come get me in a little bit, well he was late of course and I screenshotted the text he sent me and fowarded them to her she told me he was at her work wen he sent them messages begging her to be with him crying sitting outside her work waiting on her and texting me.. KEEP IN MIND I LOVED HIM SO MUCH HE WAS MY 2ORLD THIS KILLED ME I’M ABOUT TO HAVE OUR CHILD SO ONCE AGAIN BECAUSE I SENT HER THE MESSAGE I WAS WRONG AND HE WAS MAD AT ME.. I got on a bus moved across the country 3 days later had our daughter she’s beautiful btw he’s not around doesn’t call only once a month wen he’s drunk to yell at me tell me I’m a piece of s*** for taking his kid and how he hates me.. CHAD KENNETH YOUNG LIVES IN ROCKLIN CA STAY AWAY HE’S THE DEVIL

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