Chalee Medlin – Rubidoux, California California


This manipulating chick Chalee Medlin, goes from one end of the country to the other. Dates guys for what she can get out of them, and then within 4-6 weeks dumps them. She doesn’t care if they are in any type of relationship. She split up my buddy and his girl during the holidays and when she showed up, he didn’t have enough money or materialistic shit for her, so she left in 2 days. Another guy she showed up in the middle of the night, and acted like all is well when he left for work, and leaves his house wide open and would not speak to him again. She strings guys along so she always has a meal ticket when she is in a lull from finding a guy to bounce to. She does her tears and tells them she loves them. She has no clue what love is. When doing research on her, she tells every guy the same thing over and over, usually has at least 8 guys per year. She also posts nudes of herself everywhere and send to all kinds of guys at the same time. She tried to go after me, after dumping my buddy, but she is nothing but trash, ain’t no meal here for you, I love my wife.

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