Chalee Medlin – San Bernadino, California California


This is to whoever is so obsessed with me (Chalee Medlin). Get a fucking life of your own. One I have never been with a married man. Also I can talk to and see and date anyone I want. Also no man supports me. If I meet someone and there are red flags I’m out. Because I won’t go through the sh!t I have already been through. So go F yourself. You have my life down or at least you think you do. As far as my x in Nevada I left him. Also he is very happy. I am happy for him. So if you are a man then you are one of the ones that had red flags and your ego is hurt. If you are a woman then you are jealous and probably a used to be friend who I wouldn’t give money to anymore. So you have the balls to talk all this sh!t about me why don’t you tell me who you are. Oh and I’m so sorry you are jealous of my boobs. Lmfao. Sorry that I won’t just settle with anyone and that I can be happy without a man in my life. Also if someone has hit me up on Facebook and they were married then that’s on your man. Not on me. Also I tell all my friends I love them because I do. Also I worked 2 & 3 jobs when I was with my x’s you dumb f*k. So get a life. Stay out of mine. Also I’ve never been in Arizona get your facts straight. I would love to beat your a$$ whoever you are. But keep on cause I will find out who you are and I will sue you for slander. Haters…

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