Champion Homes Burleson Texas Review


I ordered a custom home from Champion Homes Outlet Center Burleson Texas on July 3 2012. Paid cash ($64,745.00 My Mistake) with a promised delivery date of August 21 2012. After many phone calls, visits and meetings where I was the only show up a piece of crap was elivered without notice on Friday September 21 2012 around 6:00 PM.nCrew showed up on Saturday September 22 2012.nI was told they did not have the parts to finish and would return on Monday the 24 to finish. Today is November 4 2012 and the House is not yet put together nor has all the promised appliance are there. All calls visits and letters go unanswered.nFilled a report with the Texas Department of Housing and Consumers Affaires Manfacutured Home Division on October 10 2012.nStill not finished.nDO NOT PURCHASE A HOME FROM THE BURLESON HOME OUTLET CENTER THEY WILL LIE AND LIE AND GIVE NOTHING BUT EXCUSES AND MORE DELAYS.nHouse still no finished.

501 S. Burleson Blvd Burleson, Texas United States of America


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