Chances M. Lair – Princeton, Texas Texas


This cheater started an affair with my husband in her twenties and continued to follow him from job to job keeping up the affair all time knowing he was married with 2 kids. She continued the affair for more than 6 years. Even after I became sick and he took a month off to take care of me she continued to call and insist they need to see each other. She taught my husband how to cheat but she claims cause she found Jesus it absolves her from her sins, but in reality it makes you one of the worst people in the world. knowing he was trying to make things right at home but she continued to peruse him and ruined my marriage. She’s married now with children I hope her husband does the same to her. She didn’t care how she ruined my life and marriage. She is a cheater and always will be I hope her husband finds someone better.

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