Chandelier Liquidators Crystal Review


This saga of stolen money, lies, and unreceived goods goes back a year. I saw what looked to be lovely chandeliers online and they were inexpensive. Too good to be true! Chandlier Liquidators, Great Chandeliers and Spectrum Home Furnishings are all part of the same rip-off scam – same company, so BEWARE. Being in Australia I needed to organise payment and delivery from overseas. When I first got in touch regarding payment via Paypal or credit card I was told this was impossible and that they had had trouble in the past with these methods. I was told that bank cheque or direct debit would be the only way. I even called and spoke to Philip a number of times to discuss my concerns about these methods, but I actually believed the customer reviews and didn’t think to check online sites for customer complaints. (I didn’t know about [redacted] then). I don’t consider myself gullible but truly, what an idiot I was to believe his word of ‘honour’. I duly sent the cash and was told the lights were on their way, complete with tracking numbers. All seemed well. Imagine my amazement when I tracked them all the way to Australia online and saw them being turned around and shipped back to the USA. Via phone and email I confired with chandelier liquidators (Phillip – the bast**d) that the address was indeed correct. I then spent many hours on the phone with Australia post employees and supervisors accusing them of being incompetent and unable to find our address. Grrr Phillip from Chandelier liquidators then told me that they would be happy to resend the lights (3 of them) but would require another $500 in shipping costs, as they were not responsible for the mis-delivery. Fool that I was, I sent more money into the vast abyss – stolen money as I view it. Second time around guess what – exactly the same problem. I abused Australia post – by this time I was in touch with the supervisor, and they managed to stop all but one of the parcels at the docks before they were sent back. Surprise surprise – the address was almost entirely fictional. It was actually my name and half their US depot address. They were in the same boxes and had never been readdressed so I could see that they were wrong first time around. They were scrupluous about ensuring the correct return address and I suspect that they were assuming all the goods would be returned and could have been resold with all of our payment being profit in their pocket. (They would have succeded in this terrible plan had Australia Post not been so helpful and vigilant) Also, beware, as these items were not coming from chandelier liquidators, but were sent from Great Chandeliers and Spectrum Home Furnishings. THese dodgy companies are all part of the same consumer rip off ring! I told Phillip that his company was at fault and that he had lied about the wrong addressing of the boxes. Also, I insisted on a $500 USD refund for the extra shipping costs and demanded the last package be sent with correct address. Well I got the last package but, after many emails, have never again seen that $500 USD despite an assurance that the money would be refunded. After this problem he stopped answering my phone calls and responding to any of my emails. Never to be heard from again. A very expensive lesson learned. Also, on a practical level, the installation instructions were incomplete and worse than useless. Thankfully I had a great electrician and several days on hand to nut it out. Never buy from Chandelierl iquidators, great chandeliers or spectrum home furnishings – they are truly the dodgy brothers, and like brothers, they are all related!

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