Chandler Elizabeth Dendy – Florence, Mississippi Mississippi


Meet Chandler Elizabeth Dendy. Long story short… She worked for the guy who’s family she decided to try and destroy. She knew he was married with 3 kids and he point blank told her he loved his wife but they were working on some issues. She came onto him anyways. First time she was confronted (March) she was remorseful and said she would never do this to anyone again and that it was all a big mistake. Also said she knew how it felt because her husband had cheated on her, but here it is December, and she won’t give up even after being told he was working things out with his wife. He moved over 6 hours away from her and she just keeps trying to claw her way back. Fake phone numbers and all. Hope you’re happy with being a side piece and in the end, NOT with the guy. Your parents must be so proud!

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