Chandra Williams – Columbia, South Carolina South Carolina


I discovered this homewrecker had been working on my husband for over a year through her work, Ole Timey Meat Market Rosewood, where she’s a Butcher. He finally took the bait when we had kids and he was no longer the center of attention. Instead of being a man and addressing his problems he decided to address this whore’s open legs. He broke it off with her several times because he wanted to try to save his marriage and family. But McSlut just won’t give up. She’ll pull up to his work for lunch break blow jobs, to drive him to her house for a raunchy quickie, and to try to talk him into leaving his family. It seems she has no problem being a secret and only being around her married man from 12-1. She has no regard for marriage, her children, my children or anything except her desire to get laid. These 2 degenerates deserve each other for an eternity in hell.

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