Chansooda De La Cerda (Sooda Vong) – Fresno, California California


January of this year my husband and I went through a rough time in our marriage. He worked out of town during the week and would go out with his friends alot on the weekends. I confided in this slut who was going through separation from her husband and was a mutual friend of ours. She invited us over for dinner a few times and even told me she had talked to my husband about how he should appreciate me and how he should treat me better. I didn’t feel it was her place to talk to my husbsnd but thanked her anyways. Two months later I found out that she drove to Los Angeles to meet up with my husband while he was working. She stayed several days with him in his hotel and drove him back to Fresno. She had been sleeping with him for sometime pretending to be my friend while texting him to come over to her house to have sex. She knew he was married with children and didnt care. This hoe has no shame. She would meet up at the park with my husband and our kids and bring her kids to play. My husband apologized and said she meant nothing to him and that the sex was not good at all with her. He agreed to stop talking to her and told her that we were getting back together. She still tries to texting him on his phone and my father in laws phone. She needs to stop chasing after married men, get a life and get the hint thst if he wanted her he would be with her.

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