Chantal Carbiere – Tampa, Florida Florida


This story was already posted , but had to be posted again cause some additional info came afterwards. Also the location of this bitch is in Tampa and not Miami. This bitch is a real wicked ass creation of Lucifer . She and my best friend were schoolmates in elementary school and they met each other again on facebook in early 2015. My friend lives in Amsterdam The Netherlands and she has been living in Tampa Fl ever since 2001. When she met my friend, she was living in NYC. She’s a professional hairstylist and was working under a contract in NYC. As she and my friend started talking on FB and later on whatsapp messenger and Skype, the conversations started getting more intense. It wasn’t soon after that , that special feelings started flowing. My friend started to have feelings for her and she for him( that’s what she told him). My friend hadn’t been in a serious relationship for over 15 years and this was like new to him. He told her he was gonna fly over to spend some time with her in NYC and she agreed . My friend got there and the first 3 months were wonderful. My friend was traveling on an esta visa( cause he’s an Eu citizen) and was allowed a 3 months stay in The US. As the time of my friends departure was near she got in too my friend’s head and told him to stay and that she was gonna marry him. My friend wasn’t so sure about staying cause if he stayed in the country after his departure date he would be an illegal alien in the country . My friend was deeply in love with her ,but he didn’t wanna take the risk to stay and wanted to do things the legal way and that was to travel back to Amsterdam and marry there with her and then come back . She was constantly in my friends head telling him too stay and that it wouldn’t be a problem if he overstayed and how much she was gonna miss him while he was gone and that because of her work she wouldn’t be able to travel to Europe and that he was already with her there in the states and that if she married him he wouldn’t have any problem with the authorities and how much she loved him. My friend was also deep in love her and it was hurting him that he wouldn’t see her for awhile. But on the other hand he didn’t wanna get in trouble with the US authorities. She manipulated my friend that much that he finally made the decision to stay . So from that day on he was an illegal alien in the US and that while he’s an European citizen which is a very rare situation. The months after that everything was love and all and she and my friend were looking for their own apartment to rent , cause she was renting a shared apartment in Queens NYC with somebody else living in the apartment. All of a sudden she told my friend that she wasn’t feeling happy in NYC( she said NYC was too ghetto) and she wasn’t happy with her job. She was missing Tampa and wanted to go back there and restart her life there. This while her friends back in Tampa told her to stay in NYC cause business were bad overthere and there were no jobs available. She still wanted to go and she told my friend that she was gonna go ahead and look for a job and an apartment to rent and that she was gonna let him come over. She told my friend that within a month they would be back living together in Tampa. My friend bought her the train ticket cause she didn’t had enough money at that time. This was November 2015. She told my friend that they would spend the holidays together that year as she would let him come over within a month. Days,weeks , months went by and she wasn’t able to do anything. She was staying with a friend and she couldn’t find no job and no apartment. My friend started to get worried and asked her what was going on and told her to come back to NYC as she could still get her old job and they could rent an apartment. But she was compelled to stay in Tampa and she told my friend that life would be much nicer in Tampa and that once she got her things together she would let him come over and marry him. Months went by and it was already end October 2016 and the situation was still the same . My friend was calling her and asking her over and over what was going on and still the same answer. After a while a strange feeling hit my friend that something wasn’t right and he got suspicious. He called her again and asked her in a serious tone what the hell was going on and that when she raged out too him that she went to Tampa to get her life back and that ever since she came too the US she didn’t had her legal status yet . So she couldn’t help him and that she needed help herself, meaning that she’d had to find a US citizen to get married in order for her to get documented. She just told my friend all this too his face without any remorse. When my friend asked her why she lied to him and let him travel to her and persuaded him to stay when he wanted too travel back to Amsterdam, she told him that all that was his own decision and not hers. Last news is that she got married to a US citizen in the 2nd week of December in Tampa and without a doubt committed marriage fraud. She also opened a beauty salon overthere. And the most horrifying part of this all is that this bitch is in ministry. A church going person. Sad part of this that my friend lost everything he had in Amsterdam including his house . This because he stayed that long in the US. Also my friend out that she was a suspect in a money laundering scheme a few years ago. She was acquitted from prosecution cause the police couldn’t find any solid evidence against her. This bitch is a real life creation of the devil and should be deported immediately by the US authorities. P.s. She’s 44 going on 45 in March this year. She had 2 miscarriages with my friends babies. One in July 2015 and the other one shortly before she left to Tampa in November 2015. After all this pain of the losses, she still treated my friend like garbage.This women is a evil bitch period.

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