Chantal Mathieu – Lake Wales, Florida Florida


My husband and I have been married for 26 years-together 31. My husband started going through a mid-life crisis wanting a motorcycle, going to the gym. And purchasing more then his normal share of healthy items. No problems with our relationship. One day I saw a text come through…her name on his phone was Charles. I thought weird. The though never ever crossed my mind of another woman. But my worst fears came true. She is his coworker and decided to go to him for marital advice because she wasn’t happy in her marriage. Next thing you know he tells her that he hasn’t been happy his whole marriage. What? No problems on this side except arguing about him going to the bars all the time. He even recruited his ‘friend’ Joe to cover up for him. He said she intrigued me and said I was cute. He felt special I guess. So then he walks out on me for her! Of course he says that’s not the reason. It’s his fault because he was never able to express himself and doesn’t want to work on things because he wants to go to her. She’s definitely a homewrecker. She should have said your going through a rough time. You need to sort things out and figure what you want. Nope she couldn’t do it. Even though she is still married and hasn’t filed paperwork. She continued to be by his side and help him out in a time of need . Now I’m going through the feeling of worthlessness and down in myself because I still can’t figured out what happened. I sure hope this doesn’t work out because she doesn’t deserve him plus she’s is a ratchet for what she has done! Plus she looks like a troll!

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