Charity Burkett – Clarksville, Tennessee Tennessee


This girl is so pathetic! So she met this guy at the club and ended up getting knocked up by him so they decide to have a “relationship”. This guy is military and in a bike group that attracts alot of females. The whole time they are dating he is sleeping with all types of women, hell his group name is playboi! Well she catches wind of his cheating ways and instead of getting on him, she started to “attack” any female her boyfriend might be around including those he works with! She harrasses females and send thier husband or boyfriend messages saying her man and her are sleeping together without and proof! Shes full of drama and lies and likes to try to ruin other peoples relationships because she cant control her own. Whats even worse she married this man even tho she knows hes a cheater. They live outside fort campbell now but her husband is currently in korea probably sleeping with who ever and all she will do is blame the females. The guy cant even have a social media cuz shes so insecure. If you see her, be careful because shes full of insecurities and drama and she will TRY to ruin your relationship. Shes a sad pathetic home wrecker so watch out!

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