Charla Brown


I found a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid on craigslist. A woman, Carla Brown, claimed to have just divorced and is selling a bike she received through the divorce. The VIN # JHMES96655S022151 . Everything sounded legitimte. I contacted her and told her i was interested in the Car. She replied that she preferred to do it though eBay for secure measures. I then received an e-mail from ‘eBay Motors’ with payment information and all. EVERYTHING in the e-mail seemed legit and looked secure. I was to send the money to a MoneyGram eBay Financing Agent named Jason Lyons. Once he received the money he would notify Charla to ship me the carand she would not receive the money until i confirmed i had the car. Once the money was sent the next day I got a confirmation from money gram the transaction was received. I never got a confirmation from eBay that they have received the payment. I got suspicious and began searching when i found a report on this site from another person claiming that they were duped in a similar fashion. I would like to contact the person who filed this original claim first to discuss some things because we both fell for the scam. I am currently looking into legal action. Andy Indianpolis, IndianaU.S.A.

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