Charla Harper Smith Liss – Haysville, Kansas Kansas


This desperate HOMEWRECKER Charla Harper Smith Liss was found on a dating site by a married lowlife – of the hundreds of women he propositioned, she was the only one trashy enough to think it was a great idea to f*** a random married internet guy. They met at her house to screw whenever she could pawn her kids off on somebody. When they couldn’t see each other they called and emailed like a couple of junior high schoolers. He told her whatever she wanted to hear so that she wouldn’t realize she was just a booty call. She decided he was going to be her meal ticket – after two bankruptcies and a foreclosure she needed some $ fast! She forgot the part where her married cheater hadn’t worked in decades and all the money belonged to his wife. He told this HOMEWRECKER the standard cheater bs about how he never had sex with his wife and they were just roommates, but her-his “beautiful lover”- was the answer to his prayers, and she believed it all. For her it was lurrve and it was time for him to leave his wife for her, because her p***y was just so irresistible. He told her that in spite of all the “I love you’s” she was just a dumpster and she was never going to be wife material. Then he dropped her like a bad habit because he already had his wife and a new side piece, and who needed this drama? She tried to get him to change his mind but no luck. She had to resort to the other guy she had been stringing along as a backup, and she got Mr. Plan B to marry her right away. Bills were piling up! He probably has no idea that he was 2nd choice. Rumor has it that she has done this before. If you see this trash, look out because she is probably ready for a new married man to play with. If you live near Haysville or Derby stay away from Farmers Insurance. She doesn’t care what damage she causes or who she hurts as long as she gets her way.

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