Charles Benson


I was first reach out by them through with a job offering, said they liked my resume and asked me to send an email of my resume to [email protected] for the next step. Once I did that, Charles Benson (the name of which the scammer goes by) emailed me back saying he’s the head of the research department along with info about the job and what they do, together with my responsibilities and what I would be doing. The email ended with a note saying if interested, be ready to hold a quick phone interview, after which I replied that I was interested in the position. Few days later, the guy called me introduced himself as "Charles Benson" and he spoke furthermore about the position, he went over again what my tasks are, told me he will be sending me 3 documents to fill out, one is an emploment agreement, another document asking for my bank info (routing number, account number, name of bank) for payment, third document was a W-4 form which I filled out all info along with my social security number. He also asked for my driver license (back and front) and a selfie with me holding it. So I went ahead and completed all of that and sent them back to him. Shortly after he email me back congrating and welcoming me to the team in addition with my first task which was to look up items on amazon and compare prices between other stores and record down which store has the lowest price. About a week later, he called me via phone telling me I have receive an echeck of $2,000 and to print out the check then take that check to the bank and cash it out in order to make a transaction. So I went ahead and deposit that check using mobile deposit, a day later the money show up in my account, he then called me telling me to take out the money from my bank to go make a transaction, He emailed me the instruction saying:"Khoi, go to:Chaffey FCU2333 S Azusa AveWest Covina, CA 91792and deposit $1,912.41 into the account below:Deposit $1,912.41 into Kianna Araujo’s First Tech FCU accountCredit Union Name: First Tech FCUAccount Name: Kianna AraujoAccount Number: 9335589926Seller’s State: ORThen take a pic of the receipt, then write NO REFUNDS FOR BITQUICK.CO BITCOINS on the receipt"So I followed instruction and did that. The following day, the bank withdrew back the $2,000 that was deposit through mobile deposit and my bank account became a negative amount. I then called the bank to freeze my account. After researching who that echeck was coming from, I called the person who issued the check and spoke with her, she said her bank was compromised and that person wrote a whole bunch of check through her bank and that she already reported it to her bank. Now im waiting for my bank (Bank of America) to investigate and solve this fradulent issue.

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