Charles Frazier has been sleeping with multiple women within 5 miles area of New Britain. He has no preference whether slim,fat, married, single,or used drugs..This is a foolish man with no high school education to do this to his wife …He had the women in her car motels and home…He would lie and say he is going to work just to have unprotected sex with low class women who have no jobs or car..And because of this he was put out..He tells the women he was leaving his wife that is so far from the truth. Before meeting this women he would take his ring off put on his clothes don’t brush his teeth or wash his face just to go eat p****. Now he is expecting a child and refuse to go get checked because he wants to continue sleeping with women as young as 17 what about your child? Asking this women for anal sex.This a man who has no job living off his mama section 8 and he is trying to beat system for disability. He has no interest in bettering himself. Please be careful ladies he is a hazard please get yourself checked. This is a public announcement….He Does have HERPES….FACT. Now you in New Haven Fair Haven women he is in your town. He stutters and if he takes his teeth out he would look like Cesar from planet of the apes . Will be a daddy in a few months..He can’t even buy you a soda.

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