Charles Wallace Studios EDC / Los Angeles California Review


Well.I found Charles Wallace (Looser) who owns and operates (Poorly)EDC Studios. I ordered a Blade Runner Blaster from him and paid $125.00 to Pay-Pal. In the description he states will take two months to receive OKSometimes it takes a while, so I thoughtOK. In that time I emailed him, NOTHING! nSo I waited..Once two months was up I emailed this Jerk over and over and Nothing. I went to my Pay-Pal account and there was a phone number, I calledand called and left message after message. .Nothing. Charles Wallace (the d**k) is a smart Con-Man because when I tried to file a report with Pay-Pal they said after TWO Months the case is closed. WHAT! nI then emailed, called and emailed his EBay store and have called him every name I could think of. Finally the other day I wrote him a nice little F-U letter to his EBay email and this B*st*rd emailed me back to say I was rude and he was reporting me to EBay. WOW.He is Alive! nThe funny thing is, All the other times I have told him to F- off via email and on his machineThis sneaky p***k waits till he looks like the victim (to EBay). I ordered from him in January 08′. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from this piece of crap looser con-man. All I know is one day this a*s hole is going to get what is coming to him. Happy Shopping.. nMicahnLos Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A. Bluffton, South Carolina U.S.A.


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