Charlie Colwell Leeds Alabama Review


In March of 2010 I purchaed a leather sofa and 2 recliners from Charlie Colwell of Wholesale Furniture Direct to the Publin in Homewood Alabama. The 2 recliners from the day they were delivered would not close very easy, thinking that it was because they were new and just neede to be used some I did not notify him right away. About 6 months ago I started calling Charlie trying to see what I needed to do to get the warranty claim started. They are suppose to have a lifetime warranty thru Simmons. After about 1 month he finally returned my husbands call. He needed me to send him a detailed email stating what the recliners were doing along with pictures, I did this. I have sent him numerous emails and calls he has now sent me an email staing that I am to get someone to come out and give me an estimate on how much it will cost to get these 2 recliners fixed nad fax it to him. Well I have done just that and now he will not answer any of my emails or calls. I have called Simmons directly who stated that I will have to go thru the company that I purchased them from. nI have done everything I can do but still nothing has been done. As to my recliners I can not get them to close without 10 to 20 tries and then when you thing they are closed guess what they fly back open. nI am hoping that by posting this someone can help me and that I might be able to stop anyone from buying from this man, so that they will not have to go thru what I am still going thru.

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