Charlie’s Project – Leggings for a Cause Monroe Michigan Review


Their website says in multiple places to allow thirty days to receive shipping confirmation. I emailed them about it to see if I could pay for priority shipping, as I know they did this with Christmas leggings. I was told that my special order would not actually ship 30 days after my order. They told me it would ship sometime AFTER the 30 days (how long after, I don’t know). They told me it was unlikely I would receive my leggings by April 17, despite the fact that I placed my order on March 11 and offered to pay faster shipping. They should have arrived just fine without me paying more for shipping but I wanted to just in case so I would have them for a Disney trip. Now they are ignoring me, deleting me from their groups when I try to get help, and posting that all tickets with issues have been responded to even though mine has not. They finally emailed back and told me that I couldn’t read and so they were cancelling my order. If they would have just said they were running behind and apologized, I would have accepted it. Instead they wanted to argue about what was posted all over their site and tell me that I can’t read.

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