Charlotte carrington Santa barbara California


Complaint: Beth Killion Kenny aka know as Alexis, Beth, ScarleTt Rowan and her latest name is Charlotte carrington. this woman I met only one time when she showed up at my house uninvited. She has harassed and caused me dramafor several years. She he assumed I wrote a previous rip off report, not me, but I know allot of the same Info is true! She tries to befriend other escorts and providers to appear to have some sort of life. She is pure evil and finds anyway to what she conveyed to me once ” destroy”” anyone that she’s wishes to and she is pure evil! she is very heavy and at least double the size she claims to be

Tags: Prostitutes

Address: her pictures are very dated or altered as she looks nothing like that in person. When I met her she was dressed in a shapeless dress

Website: she will never be as successful as the women she tries to destroy! I know personally of her blackmailing clients for rent and money

Phone: frizzy hair and very unkempt looking Woman! Q She brags about herself constantly and how intelligent she is. I give her a high rating for her computer skills and all the time she has to harass other women and fantasize about herself being a desirable woman. What she does not understand is you must be genuine and kind to be attractive

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