Charlotte Russe Complaint


As much as we all have problems with charlotte russe, this is pretty ridiculous. So I wanted to buy my girlfriend a nice Romper for her birthday, and I drove to a local charlotte russe store to buy a gift card in store and put it towards an online order, easy right? I guess not. Last week I bought the card and now wanted to redeem it for an order. So after multiple times of trying to get it to redeem it says the pin number is invalid, a 4 digit number, and of course I went over and looked for mistakes that I made and did it correctly for a solid half hour. I also checked the ID number multiple times as well. And the pin number is invalid somehow. Great, and of course it’s going to come to the worst case scenario and buying another gift card and spending 40 dollars instead of 20 just cause I wanted to be nice. I’m 16, money doesn’t grow on trees. And how do you print a 4 number pin wrong? You’re either blind or charlotte russe, the number is on the card for God’s sake and it’s wrong, how I ask, how?

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