Charlotte Savage – Eufaula, Oklahoma Oklahoma


So this bodacious whore bag likes to have affairs with friends husbands. Yes, she and my husband had an affair for the past 2yrs. My husband has told me that I was crazy and everything else under the sun regarding this Bitch Bag. Well looks like I wasn’t so crazy after all when I found out. I actually think it started before then because she and I used to be really good friends for about 5yrs until I started suspecting things regarding them then that when I was called crazy and said that I just have issues regarding the slut. You, know its funny because they had the balls to be seen out in public together by other people of the community where we live knowing that this other person who seen them knew it wasn’t me so he of course asks our son to if his dad was screwing around on me. So, please lady if you are going to screw around make sure that my kids are never involved same goes for him to. Yes, my kids are grown adults but it is a shame when you get stopped in the town where you boyfriend is from and they know you are not me and word gets around really quick in small towns. Yes this really happened two years ago basically when the affair started. So now we have fast forwarded to now. This Cheating home wrecker is a great licensed therapist who likes to get around with the men. I mean come on she was in a band and slept with the lead singer of it and then she was in a few local plays and yes slept with a gentleman that was her fathers age as well. Like I said she gets around in all aspects of this area. If this lady was on fire I would not piss on her to put her out that’s how much I freaking hate her. Don’t get me wrong this husband of mine well he is a cheating MF’er as well yes I have some issues with him as well. This is the best part about this for me her husband does not know so I do have the upper hand in this to a point but it is time for him to find out about this little affair. I call it a love affair only because he hates it when I cuss this slut in front of him. I know there are feelings for her and he can lie to me all he wants but you don’t just have an affair for 2 years with not falling for having feelings for someone. I am not a perfect wife don’t get me wrong but this is on them def not me. So, I hope everyone who is friends with this whore bag gets a good laugh at her because she is nothing but a piece of SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!

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