Chastity Cremeans – Huntington Beach, California California


This girl, and I call her a girl because no real woman would do the things she’s done, was/is Involved heavily with a married man whom she lives next door to while he and his wife were separated. My neighbors are good, nice people both of them, all my neighbors are good, family oriented people. I’m not placing blame soley on her, but had she had more class and higher standards and thought more of herself she would never have gotten involved with a married man to begin with. Now the wife is at home. I can only imagine how Foolish and dumb she must feel. I wonder if she feels any shame? I don’t see her interact with him the way she once did before his wife came home. From the interaction I saw between the two of them, she’s probably really mad now that the wife is back. I think she thought he was going to be with her. I don’t know the status of the husband and wife’s relationship currently but I can see they are very happy together and seem to be doing well. What’s sad is I don’t think the wife knows of the sneaky skank next door. She’s a nice person and speaks to us all, even if just a wave or smile. Chastity only looks at the ground and walks past us all. Very rude and snobby. I’ve never seen Chastity with any man other than this married man and I feel pity for her. Not because she deserves it but because I can only imagine how desperate and needy she must be to stoop so low by getting involved with this man. I wonder what advice the women in her life would give her? Are they all home wreckers? Is she the black d*ck loving sheep? I hope the marriage works out and that the wife never knows that the sleazy skank next door was screwing her husband. Hopefully, the attempted home wrecker,Chastity Cremeans, has learned a valuable lesson and will think twice before getting involved with someone who’s status is anything but single, widowed or divorced in the future. But someone with no self worth or morals will more than likely make the same mistake over and over again. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my husband close to me.

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