Chaudhary Long Island City New York


Complaint: HANDS DOWN…WORST EXPERIENCE EVER….this person is not a contractor by any stretch of the imagination. He goes by the name ASIM, so please anyone out there who is considering a remodel job in the Northern NEW JERSEY area and you come across this guy…PLEASE CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!! He talks up a storm about all that he “can”” do

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: but that’s where it ends…he nothing more than a used car salesman…says what you want to hear

Website: but I now know why contractors have such a bad rep

Phone: but fails to ever come through. I am a physician and have been in school for the better part of 20 years learning medicine and I have no doubt that I know more about general contracting than this guy. He has no knowledge about how things are supposed to be done according to specific codes. He just slaps some nails together and a few 2×4’s and considers it a job well done. He is a habitual liar

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