Chauncey L. Bell Ventura California Review


I had offered to pay Chauncey Bell in exchange for mentoring and guiding me through the process of planning a concert for my friend’s non-profit charity. After payments began, he railroaded me and convinced me to trust what him. I met him through a mutual business associate whom I respect and trust. I made the mistake of defaulting that same trust to Chauncey Bell. We had several months to plan. At only two months before the event date, there were still no acts booked, a promotional deck was not finished, and I still had not received a venue contract to sign, despite his request for $12,500.00 the previous month for the “venue deposit””. The acts I had been talking with had long since been booked for the date. There was no time left to solicit corporate sponsors or musical talent. I cancelled the event. I requested him to contact the venue so I could get my deposit back. He never responded. When I called the venue I found he had signed a contract in his own name and used a very well known record company’s name. Their legal department confirmed he had not worked there since June 2014. No funds had been provided to the venue. When he finally responded

it was an email in which he admitted to intentionally deceiving me and acknowledged that he owed the money back to me. He stated he would return the money if I apologized for contacting “”his contacts””. A week later he used the credit card information he had retained to charge an additional $1

500.00 for his company

one hotel stay for over $500.00 and another lodging company for $246.00. I was shocked! I never gave him authorization to charge my card for anything more than his initial “”fee”” of $20

000.00. Why would I even expect any “”expenses”” from someone I was paying to teach me what I needed to do. In all

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