Chauncy Villeroy Glendale California Review


I answered an ad for a credit partner. After several phone calls and emails I met Chauncy in person. He seemed genuine and I checked hi out as much as I could. He wrote a contract and I signed it. The offer to me was 20% of the funding acquired for his company. His team started applying for funding. It started to become clear to me that he and his people did not know what they were doing. They ended up getting two credit cards, one with American Express, one with Capital One. The total was $12,500, and I feel lucky there was not more! I already had cards with these companies and ther was a lot of suspicion from the companies, and Amx, decided to close both my old acct and the new one after it was immediately maxed out. I had to make a payment on the Cap One card, and the Amx is now overdue. I have great credit, and now I need to pay these cards off to save my credit. This will cause extreme hardship for me. This man is a liar, a smooth talker, is on the Internet as a music producer and fashion line creator. He has no money, no integrity and even had the balls to bring his wife and family to meet me. He is a total scam artist and very professional at it. Bewareof hi please. His picture is on utube.

8391 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, California USA


http://[email protected]/

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