Chauntalia Wise – Atlanta, Georgia Georgia


The girl Chauntalia Wise has wanted my husband since before him and I got together. When I was pregnant with his baby she came to California and slept with him, she even tried to get him to get her pregnant. Desperate to have kids, she went and got pregnant by another man a month after she slept with my man. Four years later and she still scteetly emails my husband. I confronted her one time and she basically said she can do what she wants. She has told him he shouldn’t be with me and yet they continue to still be ‘friends’, all while disrespecting my marriage. I bet her man doesn’t even know she was trying to get pregnant by my man before she got pregnant by him shortly after. She has social media sites that make her seem like a different person. She post pics with her man and kid all the time trying to convince the world she has this awesome family, all while she’s still trying to be with my man.

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