Chavis Mobile Home Movers North Charleston South Carolina Review


My wife and I brought a mobile home from Chavis mobile homemovers on 01-04-2010. Mr. Jimmy Chavis pulled our mobile home on January 07,2010 which was on a Thursday. He had about five to six employees with him. He left after trying to setup the mobile home. When he left he did NOT inform myself or my wife that he was leaving or when he would or if he would be coming back. He did contact us informing us on anything. It was like after he got the $5,000.00 in his hand, it was later for us. I have contacted Mr. Chavis numerous times and I asked him when would his employees would be returning and he would tell me they are coming but then my wife and myself are in the mobile home we just brought trying to fix it up and paint, trying to get the home in good condition to our means. We wait and wait until 5pm in the evening and Mr. Chavis would NEVER even have the deceity to call us and inform us that he or his employees are not coming to Charleston. Since, we have given this man Mr,. Chavis that $5,000.00 we have not seen him since. Every now and again he will call but when we call back to find out if he or his employees are going to show up this time. Guess what? No answer phone rings and rings and it goes straight to voicemail. I know this is wrong. I don’t even have my permits that are suppose to go in the window and on the front door of our mobile home. Myself and my wife could been fined alot of money for NOT having these permits visible in the window and on the front door. He says he is going to bring the permits and we NEVER hear from him and he DOES NOT return phone calls. I am not sure what is going on with this man but he IS NOT LEGITIMATE @ all. My plumbing and electrical work is not even done. His employees broke a pipe and were suppose to come back and correct the problem on Friday but again NOT Mr. Chavis and not workers. I do not work in the field of moving and setting up mobile homes but I know it does not take two weeks for any mobile home to be setup in a mobile home park. This is a 1984 Wayco mobile home and I cannot even move in because this man will not finish the job he started. I have even been buying parts out of my pocket for this mobile home after I have paid him $5,000.00. This man is very unprofessional and not reliable @ all. Please do not be “SCAMMED”” bybthis man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is our first time buying any kind of home. It is not right @ all. The greed of money and what people will do to get it.”

105 Perryhill road Moncks Corner, South Carolina United States of America


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