Cheap New York Limousines Review


It was the day of my sweet sixteen August 16,2014 and we had requested a limo from this company. My limo was supposed to come with Long Stemmed Roses Ice Chilled Champagne free Beer Refreshments iPod -iPhone ReadyDVD – CD free gift mood Lighting seating for 10 led LightingMirrored Ceilings red Carpet Entrance Free Munchies and balloons. It sounded great. But when the day came it was a disaster. The limo was to arrive at 3:00pm. My sweet sixteen court and i were dresses and waiting till 4:30. When I went downstairs i did not see what they advertised. I saw a dingy rusty limo . When i went inside the seats were all cracked . I did not get anything that the limo was supposed to come with and the worst part is the driver said that the tip had to be paid upfront and he disnt even let us stay in the limo the full four hours. He literally kicked us out. He said we were disturbing him because he had to pull over because one of my girls got carsick. He took us to the photo location and we asked him to turn on the air conditioner and he said it didn’t work. Then after the photos we still had three hours with the limo and asked that the driver take us to starbucks or dunkin doughnuts to get coffee and he said no and took us directly to the venue. Even worse my lucky star left my crown in the limo durring the pictures and when we went back the crown was nowhere to be found. We have tried calling the manager bob but all he does is either hang up on me or ask us why we keep calling and his latest move was asking us what it takes to “shut us up”. I want my money back but i haven’t gotten anything. .

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