Not refunding for the services not delivered


My Complaint: As I requested over the phone that the experience I had during my trip to Dominican Republic on 28th Nov 2013 was a horrible one and that I pointed out the I had to wait at the airport for more than 2 hrs to be picked up and the resort issues that I listed in my complaint has not been take into consideration and I am not being compensated for it.

I requested that Cheap Caribbean compensate for the loss as this trip was supposed to be a very special one as it was my 1st anniversary but instead of it being romantic it turned out to be a complete disappointment. I was unfairly treated by cheap Caribbean and mislead into buying a vacation package which made lots of promises but delivered not even single one.

They are offering me $100 credit toward my next purchase. They want me to waste my hard earned money on another scam of a package?? I don’t need credit what I need is my money back.


My Demand: Partial Money Back

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