CheapOair / United Airlines Rapid City South Dakota Review


I haven’t flown in roughly 4-5 years. I have been unable to afford it and have been saving for some time now. I do not have internet at home and was able to get my work to let me book this flight on their computers; during one of my breaks last Friday. I received an email about 5 hours later stating that the booking confirmation I had previously received was not going to be honored. I had already left work. I had checked out hotel information after receiving a booking confirmation with flights, times, and an airline confirmation number, from cheapoair and taken it home. On Saturday I booked non-refundable rooms, then come Monday I get to work, login to my email and see that the flight couldnt be confirmed. Now I am left wondering why everything they sent me- that I printed off and still have-said confirmed and now its not. Then there was a second email that said we tried to contact you but were unsuccessful. They also said they called, which in all honesty I do believe they did, but that was on Sunday and it was a missed call. When I checked the number it started with a 212 area code which is the same area code pre-fix that calls when my scripts are in at Target. I did not think anything of it except that my prescription was ready. I called at my first available moment on Monday, which was my lunch break. They told me the flight had been overbooked. I was then placed on hold and when the lady returned she informed me that because they have such a good repore with the airline they were able to open up a seat on this overbooked flight, but the difference in ticket price was going to be $226 more. I was not able to get to refund my money, but Raul from cheapoair was able to secure a refund- after my having spent almost 5 hours on the phone back and forth. I called the airline as well because I did not have an extra $226 to spend on this trip and had already taken the time off from work. My friend in Atlanta, who just started a new job, had to fight to get the time off as well. They told me that the flight was not overbooked and that this issue was to be handled by the travel agency I had booked through. It is soo frustrating to have everybody pointing fingers at the other guy and nobody will do anything about it. They all acknowledge the problem but offer no reasonable solution or accountability. I must say that in the end I was far less than pleasant, but I had reached my breaking point. This is where my problem is, why did I receive booking confirmation paperwork from them if this flight had not been confirmed? Why was I told that the airline had overbooked if they hadnt? I now realize that there was not a ticket number issued on the original tickets that were printed out, but all over this paperwork and at the top of every page that printed (5 of them total and I have them all) it says booking confirmation print details and there is an airline confirmation number listed. The very definition of bookings, as it pertains to airline travel, is the issuing of tickets, the definition of confirmation is yes definitely, and the definition of definitely is clear, not vague. Everything about this experience was contradictory and misleading. I was able to get the ticket reduced to a price of $371.70, which was still higher than the original confirmed price of $244.20. The confirmation pages I have also include the payment information acceptance and if I were to have a problem with this I am locked in-no refunds. They never officially charged my card but I had pending activity on my account from them until Wednesday. I was accused of being a liar on more than one occasion, told by the airline that this flight didnt exist, and then cheapoair accused me of trying to take advantage of the situation. I feel that I was taken advantage of and will never book with cheapoair or united airlines or any of its affiliates. I have supporting documents of all correspondence and there was an additional flight booked seperately because we were trying to utilize the coupon discounts that cheapoair offered. nAll I am asking for is the original confirmed price of $244.12, nothing more, nothing less. The lesson learned here by me was that there is no honor among thieves.

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