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My wife and I visit Sout Beach Miami each year for her birthday. This year we booked at the last minute and decided to book with because they were showing the best price and schedule for the package we wanted. I was a little skeptical at 1st because the site was showing the correct hotel name and address but the picture of the hotel was not correct. I know this because we stay at the same hotel each year.So I booked the hotel & flight package and received the hotel conformation email stating the correct name and address of the hotel. To verify that we were going to stay at my hotel of choice after booking, my wife called the hotel phone number posted on the conformation letter. The phone number was incorrect. Instead of it being the Chesterfield Hotel and Spa, it was the Crystal Beach Hotel. We then called Cheapoair to inform them of this and they stated to us that we would in fact be staying at the Hotel stated on the conformation letter.We arrived to Miami on our flight as scheduled. When we attempted to check in to our hotel is when the drama began. The hotel did not have any record of our reservation. Even after showing the Hotel conformation # and the Booking # there was still no record of our booking with the Chesterfield hotel ans spa. After calling Cheapoair and remaining on hold for what seamed like an hour I was asked to enter my booking # which then stated that it was a flight to Boston. Finally after reaching a customer service agent I then explained my situation. I was informed that my itenerary was correct and that they would be faxing over the information to the front desk manager. After waiting another 15 min. and no fax arrived, myself and the hotel manager attempted to call back to Cheapoair. After holding for another long period of time I then received a call from the customer agent team leader Malcom who stated to me that there was a mistake with my booking and that his records showed that they had attempted to reach me to inform me of this. This conversation took quite a long time due to Malcom’s inability to speak english. I stated to the agent that my phone stays on 24 hrs a day and I never received a call nor an email from cheapoair about any change in my booking. He then stated to me that since they didn’t reach me they took it upon thereselves to book me at the Crystal Beach Hotel and suites. The same hotel who’s number was printed on my itenerary. Malcom stated they since they could not confirm the booking at the chesterfield hotel they they had booked me next door. The chesterfield hotel’s address is 855 collins ave. they booked me at 6985 collins ave. Clearly nowhere near my choice of stay.After disputing this with the agent he stated to me that it was clearly not my fault but a computer error and he could only offer me and apology and a $50 coupon (for what I still don’t know). I had the hotel Manager standing there with me stating that she had rooms available and if he would make the correction she would be glad to speak with him to get my room booked. Malcom declined to speak with the manager and stated that I would either have to stay in the hotel that they booked for me or book a room somewhere else on my own!The Hotel I was booked in was a $20 cab ride each way from the south beach section of miami where we wanted to stay and where the other eight of my friends who had booked thru other sites were staying. After being left with no other choices we checked in to the assigned hotel for the night with already the 1st day of the vacation ruined. After feeling angry and helpless in a situation like this and not being able to sleep, the next day my wife called back to Cheapoair to complain. Speaking with a different customer agent, she informed us that if we wanted to book another hotel that she would cancel our reservation for the remaining time and refund us the hotel portion of the trip to which we agreed. Booking another hotel out of pocket but in the location we wanted to stay cost us another $500 on top of paying $1316.05 for Cheapoair’s package. The hotel refund from Cheapoair was a measly $179.01. Which we still have not received nor have we received the unknown $50 coupon.To sum it all up Cheapoair advertised the correct hotel name and address but with the incorrect picture and phone number. They also posted the correct pictures of the interior of the hotel lobby which made me feel secure in booking. But after arriving to the hotel they booked for me, that hotel’s picture and phone number matched what cheapoair posted on my itenerary. Which leads me to believe now that it was a scam from the get go and not a computer error!!!

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