Checker Auto Parts Store # 187


My husband and I bought a refurbished alternator 3 weeks ago at Checker. Last night, the alternator went dead 3 miles from home causing us to walk home and I am 8 months pregnant! We called the store this morning to find out if they had our transaction in their computer as the receipt was in the car that was in the process of being towed to our mechanic. We just needed to know if we needed to get a ride to the car for the receipt or if we could get a ride straight to the store. It was 10 minutes before they opened, the sales rep at that store refused to help us as they were not yet open. Forget that we had been inconvenienced with our little hike home the night before! We called another store and were advised that the transaction was in the computer so we did not need a receipt. We went to the store (after it opened) to get a new part. The other part had a warranty so we were told to buy another part and then come back with the broken one. We brought the broken one back and we were told that it was missing a sticker that identified it as their part….yet, they had record of the transaction proving that we did buy that alternator 3 weeks before. The manager said that it was not their part because of a missing sticker. We asked to speak to the District Manager. He was to come in later so we said we would leave and wait for his call. I guess he came and left (without ever calling us) and said that regardless of the missing sticker, he would not honpor the warranty because there was oil on the part. This was relayed by the manager when we went back to the store to find out why we had not heard back from them. He ran his finger over the, no longer sparkling clean, 3 week old part and came up with a dusty finger…he said that was burned oil…funny, burned oil usually is greasy and brownish black. I called corporate and they said it was the District Manager’s call…they said however that they would look into it and call us back. What now!!! I would never have spent another penny in their store, much less buy the replacement part from them had I known this would be the outcome. We have heard many other horror stories about this company all day. Adrianne 85202, ArizonaU.S.A.

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