Chelsea Staten – Wheeling, West Virginia West Virginia


This is Chelsea Staten age 25 from Wheeling WV. She is a stripper but was fired from all of the local strip clubs. She slept with her best friend of 10 years ex boyfriend of 5 years only a week after her best friend was with him. He took naked photos of Chelsea on a cell phone that his ex gave to him. Chelsea has also slept with dudes so they would pay her $50 rent or so they would take her to get her nails done (good priorities, right?) Find her on facebook @ Chelsea Staten or snapchat @ flbeauty92 or Instagram @ WVbeauty21 she posts very provocative photos for everyone on social media to see so she can get attention. She will do ANYTHING to be the center of attention. Did I mention she had a boyfriend at the time she was sleeping with her best friends ex?? Here are a few photos he took of her on the phone given to him by his ex girlfriend that he claims he is still in love with. She is a drunk, washed up stripper.

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