Chelsea Wasielewski – Hershey, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Chelsea Wasielewski likes the attention she gets from married men. She knows she’s too much of a pathological liar to nurture a real relationship and any halfway decent man can smell the stench of HOMEWRECKER all over her and knows she’s really only good for one thing since she can’t be trusted. If there’s one thing you CAN trust it’s that she will put out for anybody especially if there’s a little booze involved-She favors the married ones because getting a committed man in bed makes her feel like she’s something special. She preys on the ones who have low self-esteem and might be going through tough times in their relationship. Like ol’ faithful you can count on her for a good time! Feeling sexually wanted is the only validation she can get so she takes it- “In a storm any port will do.” She will occasionally sexually engage more than one man in one night-sometimes in the same room while they wait their turn, or outside a party up against a Wall, or while one is out on a cigarette break. She started an affair with a married coworker who is 30years her senior and this resulted in a divorce on his part-she carried on a ‘relationship’ with him and had cheated on him with at least 3 different guys on multiple occasions. She never has her daughter, her mother has raised the child more than she has-which given her terrible example of moral fiber this is probably a good thing. She drops her off at a moment’s notice when the opportunity to get drunk presents itself. She has no respect for people or people’s relationships and it doesn’t matter if she knows the wife/girlfriend or not, she will even try to sleep with her friend’s man. Nobody is safe. This piece of trash doesn’t belong among civilized society. She burns every bridge she comes to. STAY AWAY.

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