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Cherry Park Automotive Aiming to inflate repair cost, this automotive repair shop replaced all the four brake pads and all four rotors on my car though only one break pad was worn out. Houston Texas!!. On February 23, 2018, I took my Toyota Camry to Cherry Park automotive on 7625 Cherry Park Drive in Houston for brake maintenance because when I applied the brake, there was a slight grinding noise from the front left. They checked the brakes and gave me a written estimate stating that I needed to replace all the rotors and all the brake pads in both front and rear wheels. I had estimate from another garage that said that the rear rotors were fine, but Cherry Park Automotive said that my rear rotors too needed replacing. So, they replaced all the rotors and all the pads and on my request they gave me the old parts. They charged me $550 for brake repairs including taxes. When I examined the old parts, I found that only one brake pad was completely worn out. Two brake pads were less than half worn out and the other brake pads were not worn out at all and were very good. All the rotors were in very good shape because none has any grooves, scores or any other marks of wear and tear. The thickness of all the rotors were very good. The photos of old rotors and brake pads are available with me. So, it is my contention that only the pads on one wheel in the front needed to be replaced. There was no need to replace any rotors. The Cherry Park Automotive replaced all the rotors and all the brake pads so as to jack up the cost of repair. They have acted in a dishonest and untrustworthy manner. When I complained to Mr. Jamal, the owner he offered to put my old rotors back but because they cheated me I did not feel I could trust them. So, I decided not to have them put my old rotors back. My demand is that they refund me the full cost of repair. I will give them my old rotors. I have used them in the past for maintenance on this car and another Toyota car.

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