Cheryl Luedke – Saint Augustine, Florida Florida


Cheryl Luedke of Saint Augustine, Florida is a VERY DANGEROUS WOMAN! She is a predator and stalks her prey prior to pursuing them. She is looking for a single father with children…. on purpose. She will attempt to create the idea that it’s her family and those are her children. She uses an ex to find information on her new victims. Jorge is probably not aware of it. She feels validated at her age to be a home wrecker. It feeds the hollow part of her that USE TO HOUSE A SOUL. If asked to remove herself she will continue to insert herself into whatever situation THAT will allow her contact. She is a liar, cold, calculated. She talks about being a warrior of G*d…. I have seen this psychotic home wrecker stalk a guy via social media, learn about him, approach with her charismatic cult like ways and redirect his attention from the family. All on purpose. She is an absolute hag… so fake and surface level while spewing “spiritual” jargon everywhere telling people she is so in touch, awakened & elevated from the rest of society. No… the audacity that Cheryl Luedke does not understand the word NO and continues to insert herself where she is not wanted is… an EVIL WOMAN ALL IN HER OWN CATEGORY.

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