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Complaint: I purchased a 1996 Chevy Cavalier, which I paid for for three years. Shortly after my purchase, the transmission went and I found out that the transmission had know problems. Gm never recalled the transmissions, the just issued a technical service bulletin and left it up to the consumers to pay for their poor craftsmanship. I purchased a SERTA, (Service Replacement Transmission Assembly) from GM and had it put in by a transmission shop. I was reluctent to by the same transmission, since they had known problems with them, but figured the problems known by GM would have been corrected in the new models. Shortly after the transmission was put in, I was not happy with the operation of the replacement and brought it to the local dealer, before the warranty was over. Of course they said they could not see a problem, but they did not drive the car everyday as I did. I insisted that there was a problem and wanted the transmission replaced before the waranty was over, but they said GM would not do so. Sure enough, only ten thousand miles after the warranty ended, the transmission went again. When I called Chevy to tell them that the transmissions they built were junk and the second one went, they said I would have to pay a dealer to look at it. Even though they know they made these junky transmissions, they refuse to recall them and leave it to the consumer to pay the cost of multiple replacements. I paid $10,000 + for the car and an additional $2500.00 for the replacement transmission. Now after only three years, I have to have another transmission put in the car. Chevy is fully aware that the 4T40-E 4 speed transmission that they designed for the Cavalier is junk, but have never recalled them. Since they never recalled the transmissions, the consumer is left with the burden of their poor craftsmanship. All 1996 and similar model year Chevy Cavalier owners should be aware, that the transmissions in these cars will be a serious headache for them. Steven Oxford, Pennsylvania Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on GM & GM Products Products

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