Chevy Donham – Safford, Arizona Arizona


Chevy Donham has a past of being a HOMEWRECKER. She got pregnant with twins boys and when CPS was taking them away, she begged her friend who was also pregnant with twins to adopt them. Her friend was about to, until she found out Chevy was screwing her husband behind her back. Chevy would leave her twin sons on the bed alone at night to sneak into another man’s house and have sex while his mom was home. She would have sex with an old man named Herald for money and screwed her manager at Sonic. She has three kids, two which have been taken by CPS for neglect (her twin boys) and a daughter who she doesn’t take care of. She’s ghetto, loose trash. She also tried ruining a relationship with a man who had been with his girlfriend for four years and they had a son. When she was confronted she threatened to fight the actual girlfriend and refused to leave this man alone. She went as low as taking naked pictures that showed her super saggy boobs and sending them. She acts like she doesn’t care but there’s been messages of her patheticly begging these men to be with her. She was just a piece of a**. She’s always the HOMEWRECKER and will never be the wife because she’s ok with being the side piece. She never even knew who her sons’ dad was. She tries to get pregnant from men to make them stay. Homewrecking hoodrat at it’s finest my friends. I could continue on all day, but obviously you get the picture

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