Cheyenne Cross- Cleveland, Tennessee Tennessee


Cheyenne Cross loves to play victim and lure men in with her poor me stories of how her boyfriend doesnít f**k her righ,t but she canít leave him because he buys her a car and a house. She recently came between a friend of mines marriage. My friend and her husband are young and still learning the ropes of marriage. At 23, they have been doing amazing for what they have been through as a couple. They have three beautiful children together and trying to build a life. As most married couples know. sometimes you hit hard times and things seem hard and that is when this Homewrecker wiggled herself in. She talked about how her man donít f**k her enough and he donít treat her right. Flaunting her pu**y all around and I wonít lie- my friend’s husband fell for this. He is young, but Cheyenne is 29, she should know better. Especially since she told my friend that the same thing happened to her but there is nothing that can be done. I just want to show the world that there are demons amongst us and this is one of them.

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