Child Protective Services & Child Welfare Services Petaluma California


Complaint: I was having trouble with my 15 year old son. He wanted to physically fight with me every time I asked him to do anything. To prevent either one of us from being hurt, I called police to try to calm him down. This happened many times and once the police took him to juvenile hall for leaving marks on me. I didn’t want him to stay there. He has emotional and learning disabilities but, he is not a criminal so I didn’t want him to be around those kids…he doesn’t do drugs or drink or gangbang, etc. He came home with the same attitude and attacked me again and followed me into my room. I pushed him out into the hallway to stop him. He called the police and they came. He told them I hurt him but they found that to be untrue. Then he told them, “I don’t feel safe.”” They took him to Valley Of The Moon Childrens Home and…he has been there for seven months now and C.P.S. has done nothing but try to make me look and feel like a bad parent. I know I didn’t do anything illegal and we have a nice home and if anything

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Address: I’m the one who didn’t feel safe. So now

Website: 707-565-4300

Phone: I’ve been getting him every weekend for months now and I know he has learned that he has to go by the rules and he is eager to come homew and I want him here too. They had one worker who never contacted me or returned calls when I left messages for her and when she finally did she based most of her report on one conversation and twisted and in some cases simply made up things. Very incompetent. They got rid of her but my son is still in their clutches and I want him home. I’m an innocent victim!!!”

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