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Complaint: My name is Roxanne Lucero, I have two children who are 8,5. On March 11,2016 CPS case worker name Cecilia Martinez and LCPD detective Dusty Lockridge went to my mother home to do a ” walfare check”” on me again

Tags: Family Services

Address: just the day before LCPD went again to my mom for a walfare check and the week before for the same thing

Website: so i told them i need to ask him

Phone: all because the father of my son who i dont have to speak to nor dose he have any custody rigths of child due to fasle report to CPS the jugde remove hes rigths. From the first moment i meant Cecilia she had it out for me and remind you i have never had her or spoke to her. i came out and i was on my way to my son school cause it was almost 3 And my son still wasnt home when the i told her i had to go look for my kid cause he wasnt home she told me that the LCPD detecive had him for qustioning. i look at her and said why and who let you hes 8 years old. she said hes dad i didnt snap a few min later the detective shows upm with my son and he look scared and worried. i allowed them in again to my mom they check eveerything and it was fine. due to this i was moving back to my house across the street and there was no light or gas

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