Chloe Hayes – St. Louis, Missouri Missouri


This is Chloe Hayes! She likes to find happily married men and get them drunk enough that have sex with her. She has zero disregard for any kind of marriage. She looks out for number one and cares about nothing accept adding to her list of broken marriages with children involved. Her worthless a$$ doesnít even have a job. She canít keep a job and only sleeps with you to make sure she has some place to live. Not to mention she thinks sheís hottest thing on earth. If you choose to have sex with her make sure that you wrap it up, because she canít find her happy ever after she has to ruin everybody elseís to make yourself feel better. She will use you for every cent that you have and think that itís OK because in her eyes she deserves everything. One day karma will catch up with her and she will really get everything she deserves in life. No one to whole heartedly love her, no one to truly care for her.

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