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Choice Motor Car Auto sales They towed my car back to the dealership under the pretense that they were going to fix it but they did nothing for two months , wasting my time and money on a rental! Plainville Connecticut!!. I bought a car from this dealership and got into an accident within a week. One of the salesman there named Ray, offered to come pick the car up and tow it back to Plainville 58 miles away and have it repaired for me. They kept the car and once the insurance paid the car off they were supposed to jump right on it and fix it. They kept putting me off and never starting on it, I called 2-4 times a week & they always had an excuse why they hadn’t done it yet. Finally after 2 months, of waiting and renting a car to drive, they finally said the frame needed work as well. I told him to get me a price for the framework and I would pay for it, he told me to call back the next afternoon and that he would have me a price. I got hold of him two days later and he told me I needed to come get the car he had no one that could fix it! This dealership offered to fix the car and took it all the way up there 58 miles from my home, only to waste over a month of my time & money on a rental. Then he told me to come get it when he was responsible for taking it up there and had wasted my time and money and then expected me to pay to have it towed back!!! This place is a rip-off & don’t keep their word about anything!! They have costed me a fortune, that could have been avoided if they had just done what they offered to do in the first place!! I never asked them to do anything, they offered!!!

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