Chris Allen mobile mechanic


Chris Allen mobile mechanic Stole money from my elderly grandmother. He is a drug addict a liar and a thief. Howell New Jersey!!. My grandmother had hired Chris Allen mobile mechanics to do a few small repairs, replace battery, tune up and alternater. The car had some fuel issues he told us it needed a new fuel pump, at that time I had also purchased a car and it had some exhaust issues he stated I would need to replace the catalytic converter . My grandmother gave him a down payment of $600 to cover the part and some money towards labor for her fuel pump, I gave him $300 for the catalytic converter. He left my grandmother’s car completely taken apart in the driveway for about two weeks he kept calling giving us excuses of why he wasn’t coming. Eventually we told him we just want our money back and he stopped calling as well as answering our calls . we filed a report with Howell police and went to court. After several times of taking off work to come to court and him not showing up, The court received a notice back as his mail was undeliverable. He had just recently moved to brick town and never changed his address from Neptune basically becuase they couldn’t locate him, my grandmother and myself are out of luck. Do your selves a favor and stay away!!!!!! Julia, Howell twp. New Jersey

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