Chris Kroemmelbein Califon New Jersey Review


This rating may seem over the top but every word of its true. My worst experience with a contractor ever! Every homeowner’s worst nightmare! The only reason I didn’t throw him off the job halfway through was he as a close friend of a relative. Lied about the value of the work. Misinstalled the siding voiding the warranty. Bulled and threatened. Promised one time of material and used another. Demanded to be paid before he was finished. Requested to be paid multiple times for the same item. Never broke down costs and material. Bought excess material and kept it. Sloppy and incomplete work. Didn’t show up for the work most of the time, all the real work was done by one person working for him. A dishonest, lying, thuggish man — it might sound over the top, but we are continuing to discover all the damage and poor workmanship he was responsible for. We ended up filing a police report because while speaking to my wife he threatened to damage my house over a small ($1.5K) final payment.

PO BOX 194 BAPTISTOWN, New Jersey United States of America


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