Chris Williamson


Struggling to perform during competition? Experiencing performance anxiety? Not seeing the improvement you work so hard to achieve? Performing really well and want to continue your success? I have my MS and PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology and work with athletes to achieve more. Mental performance coaching is used to train athletes to be more effective and efficient during practice; preparing the athlete to compete at an optimal level. é─˙Mastering Mental Preparation.é─¨ I emphasize the implementation of research-based strategies to increase performance through the development of the mind-body connection; resulting in clearly defined actions empowering you to achieve your goals. Training sessions may be conducted with teams, coaches, caddies, parents, individuals, etc. Striving to perform at your optimal level can become overwhelming and stressful. I work with my clients to create more advantageous training protocols; narrowing your focus and alleviating negative stress. Train your brain like your bicep; know where you want to go and begin taking the necessary steps to get you there.

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