Chrissy Norton – Milford, Conneticut Connecticut


Where do I start with this girl? She sleeps with every married man at her job at some metal shop in Milford, CT. Every day at lunch she’s blowing someone in their car in the parking lot, married or engaged, doesn’t matter. My husband was going out after work with “friends” but I found out through an acquaintance that he was really going out with this slut. So one day I got off of work early and watched her follow him to a local bar, they both parked around back and were kissing! She was kissing my husband in broad daylight! It only took 2 seconds before this twit had her head pushed down into my husbands lap and 3 minutes later they were done! As usual. So they go into the bar and still haven’t seen me parked across the street. They come out again 20 minutes later with another man. I cannot even put into words, this poor girl has no morals or self dignity, she was on her hands and knees behind this restaurant getting it from 2 men. Thats when I had enough and went home. Of course my husband didn’t want to hear any of it even when confronted with pictures. I’ve spoken to his co-workers who have told me she sleeps with 3 or 4 different married men at her job as well as having a “boyfriend”. Its disgusting. Needless to say I made my husband get tested and of course he came back with GHONERRIA! I refuse to sleep with him, I refuse to sleep in the same bed with him, I’ve been talking to a lawyer for a month now trying to figure out how to get him out of my life. Chrissy Norton, YOU have ruined my life and my children’s life. FUCK YOU.

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